Fallen Hero (11/30/1959)
By President Jeramie Jordan
November 30, 2018

May the distance of time in no way diminish our resolve to ensure that our Fallen Heroes are never forgotten. No matter how many years pass, it remains our solemn duty to make certain that their flame, that sacred flame of service and sacrifice, continues to burn bright for all eternity.

Let us pause to remember our Fallen Hero Lieutenant James Melton, lost this day in 1959 while battling a house fire in Beltsville. On the evening of November 30, 1959 Lieutenant James Melton of the Branchville Volunteer Department and Rescue Squad suffered a heart attack while battling a house fire at 5440 Ammendale Road in Beltsville. Lieutenant Melton was transported to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead. Lieutenant Melton served honorably as the President of Branchville in 1951 and as the Fire Chief in 1955-1956.

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