First Line In
By Lieutenant Orville Saunders
July 11, 2017

During the afternoon hours of July 11th, E811B was alerted to respond to the 6200 block of Pontiac St for the report of a house on fire. The smoke column was reported to be visible from as far away as University Blvd. Upon arriving E811B immediately went to work, stretching the 400' line to division two where fire was encountered at the top of the stair case. E811B suppressed the fire and made a push to the bedroom on the bravo exposure where the bulk of the fire was located. Upon suppressing the fire in the bedroom, E811B continued to operate on division 2, extinguishing hot spots and suppressing the small amount of fire in the bathroom until directed to report to rehab. E811B remained on scene for the remainder of the incident and assisted the investigators, and wet down the structure upon completion of the investigation. E811B went in service and returned to quarters.

Units: E811B, E835, E831, E809, TK809, TK814, A814, TK812, BO886, BO884
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