Building Fire - Golden Triangle
By Candidate - Fire & EMS Neal Matthews
May 6, 2017

Tonight Engine 811B responded to Golden Triangle Drive for a report of smoke in the building. Crews from 814 (Truck and Squad) arrived with nothing evident initially. Upon a search of the building, crews from 814 found heavy smoke showing, and eventually fire in the wall on the 1st floor with possible extension. E811B picked up E835's line and established a water supply. E811B's crew assisted E835's crew with an attack line to the first floor. The Working Fire Dispatch and a Fire Task Force were sounded.

Units: E811B, E835, E831, E828, E807,E809, E801, TK 14, TK812, TK 828, TK809, S814, MD812, A835 BC886, BC884, RH800, VSO800, MCAR716,and Canteen801.
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