1st Due Engine to Berwyn Heights House Fire
By Candidate - Fire & EMS Neal Matthews
March 14, 2017

Engine 811 was operating on early morning working house fire (Box Alarm 14-01) in the 8000 block of 58th ave (Berwyn Heights, MD). Units arrived with fire showing from the 1st floor of a 2 story wood frame dwelling. Engine crew stretched a 200′ 1 3/4″ crosslay line into the home and began advancing an attack. Other engine companies arrived and grabbed E811's 250 3/4" hose and 300 2" line and assisted the fire knockdown. The fire was quickly extinguished on the first floor and second floor. Squad 814, Truck 14 and Engine 811 reminded on scene after clearing other units.

Units: E811, E812B, E835, E809, E801, E834B, E848, TK814, SQ814, TK812, TK831, SQ801, A814, BO886, BO884, DC, NEMSDO, REHAB800, AU716, VC811B VC814A, VC809, VC809B, VC812, VC812A