Hoses And Ladders For Days
By Candidate - Fire & EMS Chuckii "CJ" Faison
February 25, 2017

Today members at Branchville Volunteer Fire Company took time to train in Greenbelt at a parking structure used to simulate a building. The training consisted of raising the 24" ladder to the second floor, clearing the window with the Halligan tool, and advancing the hoseline into the simulated window and out. Another hose line evolution consisted of manueuvering a fully charged 400" attack line to the second floor via a stairwell while EMS only members took part in rehab training.

Members Present-
Russell Barnhart ( Life Member )
Sean Chambers ( Probationary Fire/EMS )
Aaditya Chandrasekar ( Fire/EMS )
Connie Chung ( Probationary EMS )
Josh Edery ( Fire/EMS )
Chuckii "CJ" Faison ( Probationary Fire/EMS )
Mitchell Federman ( Fire, EMS )
Ryan Felix ( Probationary Fire/EMS )
Chief Eric Gove ( Fire/EMS )
Ravi Kothari ( EMS )
Peter Parker ( Probationary Fire/EMS )
Thomas Parks ( Fire/EMS )
Lt. Orville Saunders ( Fire/EMS )
Kenneth Trader, Jr ( Fire/EMS )
Jennifer Weinpahl ( Probationary EMS )
Thomas Tanner ( Fire/EMS )

Units: E811 E811B A811B U811