Severe Storm Damages Several College Park Homes
By F/F Thomas Tanner
August 13, 2018

Just after 5pm the Daniels Park, Hollywood and North College Park sections of College Park experienced and extremely concentrated and violent weather event. Violent winds and hail, working in conjunction with soil saturated by weeks of rain, caused trees to uproot and tree limbs to fall. Several homes suffered damage from toppled trees while isolated power outages resulted when high tension lines were struck by falling branches.

Branchville Engine 113 (E811B) ran 12 calls for service between 5pm and 11pm. Chief E812 set up a command post at Station 11 with E812, A812B, SQ814 and Montgomery County SQ715 sent to assist with downed wire investigations and rescues from homes impacted by fallen trees.

Units: E811B, C11, A812B, MD812, SQ814, B0884
Mutual Aid: Mont Co SQ715